Every little girl dreams of being a princess, right? This is why Bunny and friends put together 3 easy but beautiful hairstyles that will make your little girl feel like a real princess in any occasion.

1. The classic pigtails

One can never go wrong with this classic and cute hairstyle. It’s perfect for those hectic mornings when you have to rush out of the house. It works wonderfully with straight or curly hair, short hair or long hair. And to give that classic look something extra, top it off with one of Bunny’s classic handmade hair elastics.

2.  A simple twist

This is one of those really easy and out the door hairstyles that is good for anyone and everyone. Twist back a portion of her hair and use one of Bunny’s Little Bugs to clip it to the back of her hair.

3.  Goodbye bangs

Easy and sweet, this simple updo will keep longer hair out of your daughter’s eyes and mouth. All you have to do is twist back her bangs and secure with a bobby pin. Then pull the rest of the hair into a ponytail and finish it off with one of Bunny’s lovely headbands.