There are all kinds of braids out there – fishtails, French braids, pull-through braids… And there are countless variations on each of those. Braids have won the hearts of mommies and daughters worldwide. So, Bunny decided to put together a little list of beautiful braids you can try and do with your little princess.

Headband and Braid for Fine Hair

Fine hair can be pretty hard to style into a nice braid. But this simple hairstyle might just do the trick for you and your daughter. Divide the hair into 3 horizontal sections and secure the first two with elastic bands. Braid a simple braid with the rest of the hair. Fasten the braid with one of Bunny’s Elastic Fantastic Hair Ties and top it off with one of her beautiful headbands

Side-Swept Bangs with French Braid

This hairstyle is great for medium-length hair and bangs. Simply sweep her hair to one side and create a side braid by pulling in strands from the parting. And to add some sparkle, fasten it up with Bunny’s Little Bugs

Top Braid with Bow and Ponytail

Is your little angel blessed with thick hair and some patience? If so, this hairstyle is guaranteed to be the talk of the birthday party! And it will keep her hair in place and out of her face. First, divide her hair into 3 vertical sections. Then create a French braid, right from the hairline and work your way down, until you reach mid-length. Bring in the other two sections and pull it all together into a ponytail. And to finish it off use one of Bunny’s Full Size Hair Clips.