Easter is approaching and with it all the fun, games and treats. Delightfully dotty eggs everywhere make it one of Bunny’s favorite holidays! No wonder Bunny felt inspired to craft those lovely tote bags to help you and your little princess with all your Easter activities. She also made a little list of her favorite Easter games for you and your daughter to enjoy.

Easter Egg Hunt

No Easter party is complete without an exciting egg hunt. To play this game all you have to do is hide the candy or Easter eggs around your yard, garden or house and send your little ones out for the hunt. Just make sure there is plenty for everyone and no one is left out.

Name Egg Hunt

This game is toddler approved. It’s a fun way to help your child practice spelling his name or practice learning the letters in his name. It also teaches matching and recognition skills. It takes a little preparation, but your toddler will love it.

You’ll need crayons, colored pencils, colorful paper, scissors, egg pattern, tape, 3x5 blank note cards, laminating roll (or contact paper), and a Sharpie.

First you need to print out an egg pattern. Use the egg pattern to draw eggs on different colored cardstock with a Sharpie. Use as many different papers as there are letters in her name and then cut the eggs out. Cut each 3x5 note card in half and write your child's name by putting one letter on each small card. Tape the letter cards onto the cut out eggs. Cover both sides of the eggs with laminating paper and cut them out again. Then take two large scrapbook paper pages and tape them together. Use your egg pattern to draw eggs onto the large paper and write your child's name on the eggs, putting one letter on each egg.

Have your toddler cover his eyes while you hide the letter eggs. Once they are hidden, send your child off to find the eggs! When your child finds an egg, ask them what letter they found. Also ask them what sound the letter makes. Send them over to your egg mat to match the egg with the same letter on the egg mat. Make sure to tell them what they spelled when they are all done!

Another adaption for this activity is to use the entire alphabet, shapes, or numbers.

Guess Who I am?

All you need for this game are some good, small stuffed toys such as rabbits and chicks, etc. Pin a stuffed animal on the back of each child without them seeing the animal. Be sure to use safety pins and make sure it is on securely. Now, the children have to ask each other questions about the identity of their animal. They must be yes-or-no questions. For example, they can ask "Do I eat carrots?", "Do I say quack?" etc. The child that first guesses what animal they are wins a special prize. You can have comfort prizes for those who need a little bit more time to guess.