Ever since you gave birth to your princess daughter you’ve been running your fingers through her beautiful baby hair. There seems to be no sweeter sight in the morning than her face and her beautiful baby locks sticking up. Some parents even put off baby's first haircut for as long as possible, because seeing those wispy little curls fall to the floor is often the first sign that babyhood is coming to an end.

But there is more to baby hair care than just haircuts. Check out Bunny’s list of simple baby hair care tips, even for those babies who hardly have any.

Babies with no hair

You’d think no hair care is needed if baby has no hair. But baby will grow a head full of hair in the months to come and to make sure the hair grows strongly and beautifully, shampoo baby’s head twice a week to avoid oily, flaky patches of skin on the scalp called cradle cap. Although there might not be much to style at this point, you can always sweeten up baby’s look with one of Bunny’s stretchy headbands, perfect for even the softest of scalps.

Babies with thin and wispy hair

For little heads full of thin and wispy hair a gentle comb will do the trick. Gently comb your baby’s hair daily and make sure to trim wisps that fall into baby's ears or eyes. Gentle baby hair will look even more beautiful with one of Bunny’s handmade products from the Petite range.

Babies with thick and curly hair

To keep those baby curls ever so beautiful add some conditioner or baby oil once a week after shampooing. Then gently comb the hair from roots to scalp before rinsing the conditioner out. This will keep baby’s curls hydrated and strong. Bunny’s Elastic Fantastic Collection will help you with styling and preventing those curls getting all tangled up.

Babies with thick and straight hair

Some cultures actually shave thick hair to make it grow even stronger and thicker. However, you don’t have to shave your baby’s head to make sure her hair is as strong as possible; frequent haircuts will also do the trick. A soft brush will help you keep baby’s hair smooth and shiny, and Bunny’s Little Bugs will help you keep her hair in place.