Being a parent to several kids is the ultimate juggling act. And it’s about so much more than just keeping everyone fed and clean. The way we as parents treat our children has a long lasting effect on them later in life. Helping your child feel loved and special apart from his siblings can mold his identity and set him up for a healthy sense of self-worth and self-esteem in the future. On the flip side, kids who don't feel that special attachment with their parents may act out later in life.

So, here are a few simple ways to make each of your children feel special;

Make eye contact

The next time your child wants to talk to you, put down what you're doing and give your child your full eye contact and complete attention. Ask a question or two that shows you're truly listening and are present. If you can't drop what you're doing at that moment, say so. Ask your child to give you a moment to wrap up your task and then be sure to follow up with her.

Spend some uninterrupted time together

Even 10 minutes a day is ok. Let your child decide what you do together and, if possible, turn the phone off.

Ask caring questions

Ask your kids pointed questions that show you're invested in what's going on in their lives. For example, ask them about their spelling test or what happened on their favorite TV show.

Create meaningful traditions

This is really about spending quality, one-on-one time together and creating lasting memories. Get in the kitchen with your child and make a pancake breakfast for the family on Sundays or pick one day a month where you treat your kid to a favorite treat. Simple traditions like this can go a long way toward building that special parent-child connection.

Be affectionate

A kiss on the cheek, a bear hug before bedtime—showing your affection makes kids feel loved.

Love what they love

Loving what your kids love is a great way to show they're important to you. Listen with enthusiasm as they explain the inner workings of their Lego castle, and make yourself available to help foster their hobby.