Created in 2012 by Katie and Jayne, two sisters in the United States, Girlie Glue is an innovative and exciting product that My Chic Bunny is pleased to introduce to Hong Kong!
We all know Girlie Glue is an all-natural adhesive used to accessorize infants, but that’s not all it can do. Babies are delicate, and because Girlie Glue is designed to be safely and comfortably applied to babies, it can also be safely applied to almost anything else!

For instance, did you know that Girlie Glue can be used to apply bows and ribbons to pets? That’s right! In addition to decorating your baby bunnies with bows, Girlie Glue can apply a bow to a literal baby bunny too! Gone are the days when of fumbling with clips and ties while trying to put a ribbon on your family pet! It has never been easier to make your puppy stand out from the pack!

Girlie Glue can also be used to apply jewelry to unpierced ears. This is perfect for the little ones, who may not have their ears pierced yet, but it’s also a great way to give older children, and even adults, a fashionable accessory without having to go under the needle. Noses and the upper ears are some particularly fun places to put earrings, especially when there is no piercing required!

On top of this, Girlie Glue is great for costumes! Whether your kids are gearing up for a big Halloween party or simply playing dress up with their school mates, Girlie Glue is sure to make the job easier. It can apply everything from fake moustaches to funny noses. The next time your little one wants to play princesses or wants to dress up like one of her favourite characters, pull out your tube of Girlie Glue and the job will be a piece of cake!
Really, because Girlie Glue is a safe product, designed for babies, it can be used to stick just about anything anywhere. The only limit is your imagination!

Unlock endless possibilities with a dab of Girlie Glue today!

Personally, I enjoy putting bows on bunnies! What creative uses will you find with your tube of Girlie Glue?




  1. This is a great product! I'm not married and don't have any kids, but I gave some to my older sister so that my little niece could glue on some earrings. My niece loves anything that is related to princesses, but my sister doesn't want to pierce her ears yet so this was the perfect solution.
    By Steven Barlow
  2. Just tried Girlie Glue for the first time and was amazed at the durability! This stuff lasted all day no problem! I thought that there is no way this stuff is going to come off easy if it has already stuck this long, but I literally just sprayed with water and it came right off. My cousin has been using Girlie Glue for a couple months now and still has more than half the bottle left. Great amount for the price. Definitely worth the purchase!
    By Jacob Kumferman
  3. Girlie Glue has been working great so far, no complaints!! Does girlie glue sell other products or accessories? My wife would die if I surprised her with more Girlie Glue products!
    By Alyce Oblad
  4. Great Product, my wife tasked me with finding a product that would allow her to put bows on our daughters head. It works as advertised.
    By Joseph Udall
  5. Girlie Glue is such an awesome product! Not only do we use it for our toddler, but have found lots of great ways to use it around the house. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a great product that is very easy to use!
    By Laura Smith