Step 1. Start off by drawing the basic shapes fo the face. Create a circle for the head and ear, 3 semicircles for the eyes and mouth and a curved line for the basic shape of the body.

Step 2. The body. Draw around the body, and create small circles for the shoulder and chest, also belly.. Create a curved line along the body  to create basic shape of the tail and add 2 ovals at the end. For the arms,  use a rounded rectangle.

Step 3.  The hair, draw around the head using curved lines with triangle shapes at the end,

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3


Step 4. Adding details to the body. Add small circles to the chest to create small shells, for the tail, add semicircles inside and straight lines in the tail.

Step 5. Finally just erase the guidelines.

Step 6. Now colorize your adorable girl mermaid. I hope yours turned out as cute as ours did and that you had fun. Show off your drawing on our FACEBOOK PAGE for a chance to win your very own special handmade Little Miss Mermaid

Step 4
Step 5
Step 6


These easy steps were sourced from – How to draw Step by Step