Adults are typically not excited by the prospect of a ride on a rapid transit line or ferry, because, in general, we rely on public transportation as a practical travel tool and as a means for commuting to and from work. Young children (who hopefully are not yet in the labour force!) often do not share this opinion. For kids the world over, the prospect of cruising the city a ferry, subway or trolley car can be very exciting!

Getting from A to B doesn’t have to be boring! The New York, London and Tokyo subway systems are world renowned, San Francisco has its iconic cable car and the Venetian waterways are full of spectacular boats. In fact, most major cities throughout the world have some type of fun transport options for kids to enjoy. Here in Hong Kong, we can load up our Octopus Card and travel the city aboard the M TR (Mass Transit Railway). It can be a blast, but I must admit that, for my family at least, there exists a superior option for fun city travel…and it’s out on the ocean!

There are many benefits to living in a city just off the water, and the access to ferries is certainly one of them. From the aforementioned Venetian Canal, to the Staten Island Ferry in New York City and the various ferries in Vancouver, Canada, the water  presents a number of great options for fun travel.

Here in Hong Kong, my family and I love to ride the Star Ferry!

For those who have never heard of it, the Star Ferry is a historic boat that takes commuters from Central to Kowloon or from Wan Chai to Kowloon. The journey is not long, and if you are close to a ferry terminal, it’s actually faster to take the Star Ferry than the MTR. It’s cheap to ride, and provides a spectacular view of the city skyline as it travels through Victoria Harbour. I would certainly recommend a trip on the Star Ferry to any families visiting Hong Kong, but even if you are local – do not underestimate how much fun your kids will have out on the water, especially if seated on the upper deck.

In addition to the Star Ferry, we also have boats that are more recreational in nature – taking passengers on dolphin watching tours and to islands away from the city, such as Lamma.

Have you ever used public transit as a way to entertain small children? Let the My Chic Bunny community know in the comments!