10 Top Hair Care Tips

Did you know rubbing shampoo into your hair rather than your scalp or brushing your hair while it is wet can cause damage? Whether its locks, curls, manes or mops teach your little one healthy hair habits.

1. Pour a small amount of shampoo in the palm of your child’s hand. Putting the shampoo in the hand first makes it easier to apply.

2. Massage the shampoo gently into the scalp. When shampooing, it’s important to wash the scalp rather than the entire length of the hair. Washing only the hair often leads to flyaway hair that is dull and coarse. Rubbing shampoo into the hair can break hairs, leading to unhealthy looking hair.

3. Wrap a soft towel around wet hair as coarse towels can break hair. Rubbing hair dry with a towel can also damage the hair.

4. Comb out damp hair gently. Use a wide-tooth comb, especially on curly hair. Don’t yank or pull the comb through the hair because that can pull out or break the hair.

5. Let hair dry naturally. Try not to use a blow-dryer or just use at the lowest-temperature setting and limit usage to once a week.

6. If your child showers before bedtime, put hair up in a loose bun and let it air-dry overnight. Hair should be dry in the morning.

7. Make braids and ponytails loose and use covered hair elastics or hair clips.

8. Don't use rubber bands to pull back or otherwise style hair. Rubber bands will encourage hair to get snagged, ripping it out of the follicle.

9. Try not to use hairstyles that tightly pin or pull the hair back. Styles such as cornrows or tight ponytails can cause damage at the roots, or put stress on the follicles.

10. A simple ponytail or chignon looks clean and requires very few hair products. Or keep hair down and use a headband to keep it off the face.


Hair Care

Hong Kong hair expert, Darrin Usher from top Hong Kong salon, DAZ, has some great tips for keeping My Chic Bunny accessories looking great and hair looking even lovelier:

  • Headbands are perfect for keeping long or short hair out of eyes or for growing out those bangs (or fringes, depending on where you come from)

  • My Chic Bunny headbands are made with quality fabrics and don’t catch when you remove them while the gorgeous embellishments can resist a bit of tugging!

  • Decorative hair clips are not only good for keeping hair away from the face, with hair up or down, you can also make the most of the sweet decorations by clipping on top of a ponytail.

  • Try using two ribbon hair elastics on a single ponytail or braid for double the effect.

  • Opt for either the Classic or Full Size hair elastics for hair that is a bit thicker or longer.

  • If any of the hair decorations become a little dirty, wash gently in warm soapy water and leave to dry.