Our Moms

Fabric-Loving Geniuses

Based in Los Angeles, this group of fabric-loving, cutting, sewing, stitching, gluing and self-confessed hugging enthusiasts work together to create some of our wonderful handmade touches.  Thanks so much for your passion and commitment team LA.

Flower Power

Jasmine lives in China, in Anhui, has one daughter, and has just launched her own workshop, handcrafting fabric accessories.  We’re delighted to have Jasmine on the My Chic Bunny team.

Unleash your Inner Sparkle

Based in Texas, in the USA, Amy is 100% committed to sparkles!  Probably borne a Princess in a previous life, when not managing her hectic life,  Amy is totally dedicated to all things sparkly with a lot of Princess thrown in for good measure!

Hair with Flair

Mandy and her team of up to 10 women and moms live in Fujian, in China, and are all kept busy with their commitment to their families and to their day jobs of producing quality hair accessories.

From Whimsical Beginnings

Based in Rollo, USA, Julie is a full-time wife and mom, part-time lactation consultant and part-time mompreneur.  Handcrafting items for your special little ones is just one of Julie’s many achievements and certainly helps put this beautiful smile on her face.